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We specialize in the treatment of Autism, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, & Brain Trauma.


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Do you ever feel like you’re fighting your own brain? Like if you could just turn certain parts of it off and other parts of it on at different times, then you would have greater control of your focus and feelings? Well, you’re right! Your brain is a complex control center that is running so many different operations at the same time it can sometimes give a little too much activation to certain tasks, and not enough to others. When this happens, different areas of the brain can get stuck in these over-active or under-active states, and it starts to feel like you can’t control your feelings, or focus; Like your own brain is working against you.

We can help.

Whether you are battling depression, have an autistic child, or just want to have a greater ability to focus and think clearly; we can help. Utilizing a powerful and innovative combination of Neurofeedback therapy and counseling we can change your brain and in turn, change your life! This unique program provides tailor made treatment based on your individual needs, lifestyle, case history, and in-depth evaluations conducted during the Intake Process. As a result of this individual attention, we have seen truly astounding changes take place in the lives of our clients and their families.

"Neurofeedback has been nothing short of a miracle in my life. The cloud of depression has been completely lifted"

"The combination of a Son-Rise program and Neuro Feedback is the most amazing thing that could have ever happened to our family. We use it with our entire family and I'd never ever look back. Life is moving quickly and since Lynette, Marina (our autistic daughter) is moving more quickly than we are and we are all running to catch up. I can't tell you, as a parent, how overwhelming and beautiful it is to see."

"I was suffering from emotional instability, loss of memory and the ability to process diverse and interrelated data. Tests indicated probable damage to the brain from car accident(s). After neurofeedback and emotional guidance I went from a state of hopelessness, depression, fear and anxiety to a more stable state of being able to affect own my emotional states and enjoy a larger richer life."