Sara’s Page

I am renaming this testimonial page in honor of a beautiful little girl who recently passed away after a bout of pneumonia. When I first met her she was incapable of speech, couldn’t move her limbs in any kind of purposeful manner and couldn’t even swallow her own spit. After much neurofeedback over an eighteen month period she had changed dramatically. When I heard that she had died I asked the question many of us ask in situations like this. “What was the point?” Today when I went to the mail and found the following letter waiting for me I got my answer:

Dear Lynette

Enclosed is a CD of pictures of Sara. I’m sorry it took so long but I Cerebral Palsy and The WingMakerjust wasn’t ready till now. I miss you so much and expect to have you back to help the other kids soon.

Thank you so much for all you did for Sara. Though Sara and I were always close the last year and a half of her life were the most fun!

She loved saying her new words … she was up to 10 clear words … 12 almost clear… she was pushing her own wheelchair… controlling the paint brush a bit …. pushing the spit tube away when we did it too fast. But most of all the process I learned from you … the way of playing to teach… gave us so much Joy. And I thank you for that!

Love you

Give our love to Dessa Larry still talks about her.

Love you back Alice. You are the most amazing mother of nine adopted special needs kids. I am humbled by you and I am writing it here for everyone to see.

~~I hope you’ll read Cerebral Palsy and The WingMaker, a rhyming picture book I wrote in honor of Sara and Alice. Please follow this link for The WingMaker on Amazon.~~

Dear Lynette
I’m just so excited to be writing you about Jake’s progress. He has come a long ways in his healing journey from the time you started working with him after his stroke in December 2009. At that time the sessions you set up with him with neurofeedback therapy helped him regain his his peripheral eyesight, his confidence, stabilized his emotions, and regain his memory and so much more. To have his life restored on so many levels is really something to jump and sing for joy about and now I must tell you how he is doing since you last saw him April of 2012 . As you remember he told you he wanted help with his anxiety issues and addiction to alcohol . Those three days you did the neurofeedback sessions on him was a remarkable turning point of success and has changed his life in so many positive ways. His brains addiction and desire to drink beer just went away. That is so amazing to me after trying so many other therapies for many years and nothing really helped him. It has now been a year since he drank any alcohol.. WOW we are truly grateful to you and appreciate how your expertise in neuroscience and use of neurofeedback has totally changed his life and healed his brain. As his wife and life long friend I never gave up faith and hope that someday he would overcome his addiction and I am so thankful that you came into our life. God truly answered my prayers and in such a beautiful way. A heart felt thanks to you Lynette and we wish life’s best for you and your family always. Time to jump for joy and sing sing sing a new song for a new man.
We love you
Jake and Relena Preble

When you have a child with special needs, you long for that special kind of therapist to come along who can make a difference in your child’s life in a big way. Lynette is one such therapist, a rare breed. The kind who can reach children on a level most can only dream of. I have recommended Lynette to friends on the same journey and she has never failed to deliver. If only she lived in Australia!Hayley Rikihana (Austrailia)

Lynette Louise is like no other when it comes to helping autistic people. Her philosophy and the love that is utilized in her approach is rare and unique in that it really honors the human spirit of each person and what they need. She helped my son at a time in his life when no one else would. I am very grateful for her guidance with us. Love you, Lynette!Jody Moore, Autism Mom
President and Founder of the Alameda Autism Community Network
Dear Lynette
I was so happy to hear from my daughter Darline how much better she has been feeling since you last saw her and the progress she is making with her long struggle with Anorexia. As you know during that time back in October of 2012 she had been having a lot of difficulty with her stomach for three months and was diagnosed with Hpylori (Helicobacter pylori) and Cdiff (clostridium difficile) and the long term antibiotics had cause her symptoms of anorexia to worsen. She had lost down to 90 lbs. She couldn’t eat well and was always feeling nauseated.
Her anxiety with the stresses in her life and a unhealthy relationship, and her medical illnesses with the eating disorder had brought her to a place where I was fearing for her life. You will never know how thankful I was that you came to see her for personal counseling on all the above issues and start her on the neurofeedback sessions. It was your therapeutic intervention and neurofeedback I believe that actually has helped to save her life from the destructive path it was on. Thank you so much for your support that stressful day when we all went to her family physician and you offered your insight to him on eating disorders. You are truly a wonderful counselor and your loving approach and guidance in those personal areas of her life has helped her so much. She is now putting on weight, eating so much better, her anxiety and stress is better and she is now in a more healthy relationship and her anorexia is now under better control. My family is the most important part of my life and I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how grateful I am that you and neurofeeback has helped to set her on a path where her body and mind is healing. We could not have done it without you. You are truly a loving blessing that has gifted this family in so many ways, helping us all to live a healthier, happier life.
Much love from us both
Lynette Louise has an innate ability to reach the core of children with special needs especially those with Autism. She is a cross between the Miracle Worker and the Child Whisperer. She succeeds with major breakthroughs where all before previously failed. Her results are unprecedented. It is her ability to tune in and relate to people. Traveling the globe she is sought out for her breakthrough methods that work that change people’s lives. Lynette is amazing in her work, her books and is an amazing speaker on stage with humor, passion and compassion.Sharon A. Burstein
President – S.A. Burstein & Associates
Speaker, Author – Life Snacks Books, What’s Your Leadership Image
When Lynette came into my family’s home I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I was greeted by a warm smile and the tender hug of a woman you can tell cares deeply about people. She played with our children, particularly our daughter who we were most concerned about. Watching her play and interact with them brought a whole new meaning of quality time to us. She showed me what I had been missing out on in terms of letting loose and just having fun with my children, rolling around on the floor with them and all. She also reminded me of how important it was to use expressive language in play. I was very open to changing my parenting style as I knew Lynette had way more experience working with children. She helped me to realize that I had a lot of control over my kids, but to the point that it was actually harming them or inhibiting them to thrive. She gave us wonderful pointers and we have been implementing them with great success. She is highly knowledgeable in every area and offered up loads of incredible life changing advice. She then went over neurofeedback and discussed the areas of concerns in all of us. It seemed like she had known us our entire lives. We are so excited from the results that we have already seen in our children and ourselves. Our daughter’s teacher and principal have all noted the changes within her in such a short amount of time. Lynette was a true Godsend and I couldn’t be more thankful to her. In 3 short days she has changed our lives forever and I consider her a neurofeedback super nanny. I highly recommend Lynette to anyone that I come across.

Chelsea Knight

My family met Lynette in what I like to think of as a “divine intervention”. It was as if someone up above knew I was at the end of my ability to cope, and sent me an angel. Lynette is truly is an angel on earth. For our family,my 13 year old sons explosive violent behaviors became pretty hard to deal with and even though therapist after therapist came and went, they never really offered help that seemed to make a difference. I felt desperate for a way to stay safe while helping my son and our family. It seemed hopeless and at the end of the day, all I could think of was what was to become of my beautiful boy’s life. Then Lynette arrived! Her loving, compassionate nature is what you see when you see Lynette. Silly and smiling,warm and inviting Lynette has a way of teaching and playing with my son that looks seamless and effortless. I was amazed at her ability to do this, as my son at the time would say no to me whenever I tried to play with him. Since Lynette’s week with us, my son is initiating play and requesting new activities rapidly every day. My son has calmed down considerably since we started play/neurofeedback therapy, and we have only just begun! Excited to see the long term results and excited knowing there IS hope! In a week and a half we have seen a huge difference: an increase in spontaneous language and a huge reduction in OCD behaviors. As well, he has reduced his overly seeking isms (rewinding the same visual over and over) and inappropriate fixation on masturbation. Lynette showed me me the tools that have changed our lives. Some of them are….giving my son more control, talking to him like anyone else, explaining and respecting his differences and in general helping me peel away the layers so I could see my son again. Sometimes when the lessons are hard, and the change that has to happen is the change within you as a parent… the temptation is to avoid the learning. However, Lynette delivers her teachings so delicately and without judgment, that you always feel embraced in a warm hug. Her recommendation for neurofeedback is the cherry on top. This is the part I love the best because it’s so easy! Not to mention how fun it is to watch my son help me put the electrodes on his head. His cooperativeness and mood change make me pretty sure he likes the way “brain computer” helps him feel. The fact that Lynette approaches her therapy for the whole family speaks volumes to how truly holistic and thoughtful her approach is. In all my years I have never encountered anyone this deeply knowledgeable in autism and brain science , while simultaneously compassionate, trustworthy and down to earth like Lynette Louse. Truly she is the Autism whisperer, if you have the pleasure of receiving help from Lynette….. consider yourself blessed.

I love you Lynette.
With deepest and sincere gratitude,
Jody, Gina and Xavier(my son even knocked Lynette’s tooth out and she laughed and made me feel better about it! how can you NOT love her?)

Lynette never ceases to amaze me. She is a dynamic and unique force in the field of autism. There’s just no one like her. She comes into your home and makes things better for everyone involved by pulling from a never-ending assortment of “magical” tools: family work, cognitive techniques, neurofeedback, an encyclopedic understanding of autism…Unlike so many practitioners in the field, she has the priceless understanding of a family’s situation from having lived the life herself. So, she knows when to let you have a time to grieve and when it’s time to help kick you into action. We can trust her because she’s one of us. And, her own success with her kids is a continual inspiration.

My daughter doubled her speech in the first year that Lynette began working with us. So much of life changed, too, as Lynette easily guided us through everything from potty training to the first time my child spontaneously told me “I love you!” I can’t thank Lynette enough.

Years ago, I came up with the mantra ‘What Would Lynette Do?’ to help me when I am stumped with a situation involving autism. Several other people I work with, and whom Lynette has trained, now use it, too. And, you know what? It works!

Meredith Altschuler, M.S.W. Autism parent; Teacher of a mixed class of neurotypical children and children with autism.

To Whom It May Concern:I am writing to state my enthusiastic support for Lynette Louise.

As a former assistant professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology, specializing in Anthropological Research, I have very high standards for any study or action involving human beings, and have always stressed that human rights, needs and well being must be put above any scientific goal. When my son was diagnosed with autism 2.5 years ago, I set the same high expectations towards services offered for treating his condition. It means that a specialist to whom I trust my child’s health and future needs to first of all respect my child, his family’s specific cultural background and values. Then s/he needs to prove that s/he knows what, how and why to do in order to help him. S/he also needs to have an idea of what kind of results s/he expects to bring, when they should happen, and also be able to explain and reorganize her/his approach if expected changes do not happen. Plus, as a mother, I also expect a person providing services for my son to care about him. During those 2.5 years of our dealing with my son’s autism we tried for him many therapies, treatments and healing modalities. Most of them proved useless, inefficient or very limited in effect, and almost all therapists and doctors we’ve seen lack the basic respect to the autistic person, often even in people who cared about our son. I guess it may be a challenge to respect a non-verbal, weird behaving, antisocial little person who seems to behave like a brat – no matter how much knowledge and understanding of autism a professional might have. Yet, Lynette Louise not only met every single expectation we place on her as our therapist, but also exceeded in lots of areas.

First of all, she is full of respect, understanding and patience with her little clients. It was my husband’s and mine first and strong impression after watching her working with autistic kids on the videos she posted on her website. The same ones we we saw while searching You Tube for more examples of her approach. We immediately knew that she would be the only person to whom we would trust our son completely. And we never regretted doing just that.

Lynette’s play therapy fully involved our son in interaction with her, and in effect brought results no other therapist was ever able to achieve. Within a couple of days our non-verbal son started uttering a few words – much to our delight. Her way of interacting with a child is amazing, fun, respectful and the most efficient I’ve seen (and I’ve researched many, if not most therapies available for autism). It is also very individualized, and simply makes sense. Any of my doubts and questions Lynette answered and keeps explaining to the depth that I find completely satisfying. And she is genuinely interested, involved and caring about our son’s progress. Lynette’s expertise and creativity about approaching problems related to autism often result in surprisingly simple, yet extremely effective solutions.

The Neurofeedback therapy Lynette Louise utilizes to help autistic kids is another incredibly effective tool in her hands. I have just completed basic neurofeedback training for health care professionals and now can even more clearly see Lynette’s great competence and mastering of that amazing technique to work on mental health issues. Combined with her knowledge and experience with autism, neurofeedback is a powerful resource for families dealing with autism. The biggest result we have seen for our son ever since we started neurofeedback therapy is that the achievements he makes tend to last, as opposite to our previous experience when he was quickly loosing his newly learned skills. At the same time learning seems to come easier for him now.

The third important part of Lynette’s work with autism is family therapy. It is often overlooked that child’s autism affects the whole family dynamic that needs to be discussed and addressed in order to make changes happen faster and easier for everyone involved. This very important part is stressed in Lynette’s approach. I myself was not very aware of that factor before, but now can tell that working on how we all see, think of and react to our daily challenges might have been the biggest gift Lynette gave our family.

It’s been a year since Lynette came to our house and we started our son’s therapy under her supervision. The recordings we made during her visit are still invaluable source of hope and inspiration in our work with our son, as is her book and her website. She is always available for consultations and for answering our questions by email. She keeps on learning about new ways to help families with autism and freely shares her wisdom. We feel truly blessed that we were able to become her clients.

I believe that the TV show Lynette is offering would be a great opportunity for a wide audience to learn about Lynette’s beautiful way of approaching autism, spreading good news that a lot can be done for autistic people. I believe it was CDC that in 2009 announced that autism now affects one in 91 kids in US. For each one of these kids there are parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, distant relatives, friends, neighbors, teachers, therapists, doctors and many other people who may be looking for new ways of helping their loved ones, clients and patients, and who would greatly benefit from Lynette’s show. There are even many more people all over the world in need of the same kind of compassionate guidance.

In my personal experience everyone I talk to about Lynette’s plans for her show gets very excited about it – not only people who personally knows my son, but also people who simply would like to know more about autism, and even professionals who want to enrich their ways of approaching autism. With “the epidemic of autism” being a major problem today, the show offered by Lynette could not only become a hit, but also contribute to solving the problem of autism itself.

For me, Lynette is one of the best role models for our troubled times, like The Dalai Lama or late Mother Theresa, and I believe that she can initiate the same profound changes in our global culture. The only difference is that Lynette usually works with individual families, not on a global scale. But if I had the power to do it, I would not hesitate to nominate Lynette Louise for The Nobel Peace Prize for popularizing respectful and loving relationships with disabled people, while at the same time teaching effective ways of transforming their lives for the better.

Summing up, Lynette is a great person, doing wonderful things for autistic kids and has an incredible gift of inspiring people and making a real difference in the lives of the families she touches. I think this is more than enough to get her on TV.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me with any question or concern about the above letter.


Dr. Alicja B. Pasek-Smith, Ph.D.

RE : Lynette LouiseDear Sir/Madam:

It gives us great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Ms. Louise. We met Lynette over a year ago when she traveled from California to work with our son Joel who at the time carried a diagnosis of regressive autism. She introduced us to the concepts behind neurofeedback and how it enhanced cognitive performance in what was and is the most mysterious of illnesses.

What was really remarkable about Lynette was her ability to connect with our son- at the time he was non verbal and very reticent in dealing with strangers yet, within an hour of her arrival she had built a rapport with him and he permitted her to begin attaching the leads for the computer software to his head. This, in of itself was nothing short of miraculous.

As the days passed she briefed us on the details of the neurofeedback method, and succeeded in several sessions with Joel. She was always prompt, spontaneous and entertaining. There seemed no limit to her energy or ability to adapt. As the mother of several recovering autistic children she also has invaluable practical knowledge that really cannot be overstated. Ms. Louise is photogenic, innovative and articulate. There is no question that she can add detailed insight to any production concerning the recovery of autistic and other challenged children.

Talented, patient, funny, while remaining businesslike and goal directed, Lynette makes an excellent candidate for any production that involves capturing and eventually retaining and educating an audience. She has our highest recommendation.


Paul S. Thesiger MD                 Tracy I. Freeman, M.D.

Hi LynetteJuly 23, 2010

Jake saw the ophthalmologist today and the Doctor was “blown away” with the return of Jake’s peripheral vision. The Doctor put him through all the eye tests again and it showed up on all the computer imaging scans. Jake told him it returned after only a couple of neurofeedback sessions . The ophthalmologist told him he knew of neurofeedback but he hadn’t seen someone have an experience after having a acute hemorrhagic stroke like Jake had and have the return of his peripheral vision…awesome huh…: ) are you smiling? After having the neurofeedback sessions with you two weeks ago his peripheral vision is completely back. I remember when you asked us what we wanted most all I said was “I want him to get his confidence back. He can’t stop crying.” You stopped that for him in one session. Also he is not just happier is also calm, the anxiety is better, the impulsiveness is almost gone and he is able to communicate better with his speech improvement plus his short term memory has greatly improved.

It is a miracle what has happened and you Lynette brought the wonderful miracle to our home with your compassionate insightful expertise in neurofeedback and the sessions of treatments given to him. He is truly healing faster after the treatments.

A simple thank you seems so inadequate ..We are so appreciative of the total family counseling given and grateful for the continuation of treatments we can now do at home under your guidance. Lynette you have helped to enrich our lives by putting back those broken pieces with neurofeedback. What a beautiful gift of love to receive . New hope for people who have suffered a stroke. If anyone would like to contact myself or Jake to talk about the neurofeedback experience in our life and how it has helped in Jake’s recovery after his stroke recently to his brain we would love to talk to them. They can contact us at our home phone # 620-723-3491

We will always hold you dear to our heart and we are so grateful you brought neurofeedback to our home and into our lives..

Admiringly and respectfully yours

Relena Preble Registered Nurse B.S. in Psychology

A thankful friend forever

Jake Preble “A New Man” healing & happy again

If I only had one chance, one opportunity to help my daughter, (with what I know right now). I would absolutely, wholeheartedly include Lynette in that plan and pour all my resources into hiring her for a longer period of time.
During our 6 days with Lynette, never, ever, have I heard my daughter Mia speak so many singular words than I did during that week. From the word go Lynette was at hard at work weaving her magic.
Lynette lifted the lid on our thinking and gave us realistic tools & approaches that we can use in any given moment. Mia was so happy having Lynette here that you just knew but the way she speaks with her face that she was relieved to have someone here teaching us how to reach her.
I felt like I had hit the jackpot when I found Lynette, because, not only does she have the professional experience (most especially being trained in the Son-Rise Program Option Process method & Neurofeedback), but she also had the personal experience. Not only will her unique approach inspire you, but so will her story.
Lynette, thankyou for being so willing to leave your family and travel half way across the world to help us help our little girl Mia, we feel blessed beyond belief. I don’t think I would have found a better therapist had I searched the world over. You have a friend for life……Hayley, Hayden & Mia-Grace xox
I will forever be grateful to Lynette for her help during one of the most difficult periods in my life. I was suffering from emotional instability, loss of memory and the ability to process diverse and interrelated data. Tests indicated probable damage to the brain from car accident(s). After neurofeedback and emotional guidance I went from a state of hopelessness, depression, fear and anxiety to a more stable state of being able to affect own my emotional states and enjoy a larger richer life. To me Lynette has been a life saver, life enhancer, coach, inspiration, soft place to land, confidant and professional. Lynette knows what she is doing. She took calculated risks and treated me aggressively for quicker results. She is amazingly good at communicating how the brain works in a meaningful and motivating manner. Today, “Happinesss is a Choice” I love and appreciate her very much.
Carol Whitley
We just cannot express the debt we owe Lynette for the lives of both of our children. She saved our children – Justin 6 yrs and Sarah 4yrs – and our whole family. We just love her. Because of her teachings and her neurofeedback Justin went from exclusive and hyper to being the best performer in a dance class recital within two months. Months later he became close friends with his sister and they talk and play together for hours. Soon he will start school. His sister was regressing into autism and not speaking understandably just five months ago. Lynette said out loud what I was thinking but couldn’t say. Sarah needs to leave school and do a program! I knew Lynette was right. A week later we took her out of school, started her program and stopped her regression. It took almost no time to change the course of events. We are still working with them both but the results are already obvious. We love Lynette because of her our son is coming back to us and our daughter stopped leaving. I would shout her name from the rooftops. If any one has questions or just wants to talk my name is Tracy Wooldridge and my number is 918-272-2019.

To Mothers, sisters, daughters & friends of special needs people,This is more than just a testimonial for Lynette Louise it’s a huge “could never ever have done it without you” letter. Lynette came to us through Son-Rise. We ran our Son-Rise program with enthusiasm for 2 years and realized we really needed some direction since our precious daughter Marina was changing so quickly and we were just plain stuck. After one incredible day with our family Lynette had all of Marina’s Son-Rise team and us back on track. There are not any words that I could use with all of you today that would express the excitement and enthusiasm I feel when we can have Lynette with us or when there is a family calling to ask me about my experiences with her. If I could I would buy her a house right next door to me. There are many facets to Lynette’s expertise and that is what makes her special. My husband and Ibegan researching Neuro Feedback and began to question Lynette about it and to our surprise Lynette is a trained specialist in Neuro Feedback. We immediately hired her to come and do Neuro Feedback with Marina. I don’t believe there would be enough computer memory to write you exactly how powerful and how quickly we noted changes in Marina. Marina is 7 years old now and is Autistic. Prior to Lynette’s miraculous appearance into our lives Marina was for the most part very non-verbal and appeared to be very frustrated in trying to communicate with us. I mention this as a preface to what happened after just 2 or 3 Neuro Feedback sessions. Marina seemed to be unlocking the doors in her brain and finding connections to help her formulate thoughts emotions and SPEECH! She is just amazing. The brain is a wonderful malleable thing. We have learned and have observed that the brain can repair itself. The brain can find new paths and create new connections if we help it. Lynette is a UNIVERSE to us. Marina is speaking in 3 and now 4 word sentences. She knows how to WRITE! We just found that out a few days ago. I know and believe with ever fiber of my being that without the power of neuro feedback we would still be struggling with one and maybe two words sporadically. Neuro Feedback speeds things along. At least it has for us and for Marina. I could just go on and on and on. The combination of a Son-Rise program and Neuro Feedback is the most amazing thing that could have ever happed to our family. We use it with our entire family and I’d never ever look back. Life is moving quickly and since Lynette, Marina is moving more quickly than we are and we are all running to catch up. I can’t tell you, as a parent, how overwhelming and beautiful it is to see.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to contact us if you need to make sure we are really a “Lynette” family.

Forever Son-Rise / NeuroFeedback Love’s

The Love’s ( Warren, Linda, Moira & Marina)

I remember our first visit with Lynette back in early 2006 quite vividly – I opened the front door and a wave of great energy just burst into our house for the first time. Lynette had arrived! She spent several hours that day (and on subsequent visits) with our son AJ, who was quite severely affected by autism at the time, but she also dedicated a good portion of her time to working and dialoguing with my husband and me. This whole-family approach has proven extremely valuable, yet it is far too rarely taken into consideration by the vast majority of autism therapists and experts.Lynette’s high intelligence (a rare combination of keen instinct and rapid-fire power of analysis), allows her to quickly assess a child’s and family’s challenges and road blocks, and lay out an approach to overcome these obstacles. She wastes no time feeling sorry for anyone or trying to paint a rosy picture. Instead she gives families a sense of purpose and belief in their child’s innate abilities, and a realistic understanding of the long path ahead . When working with children, Lynette only approaches the child on the child’s own terms, ramping up the interaction and complexity of the interaction only when the child signals readiness. For many of our children, this can be the very first time (it certainly was for AJ) that they are not asked to “perform”, and the power of the trust Lynette’s approach engenders was amazing for us to witness. Not as paradoxically as it may at first sound, Lynette actually sets higher expectations on what the child is actually capable of socially, emotionally, communicatively and cognitively than would many therapists (whose approach more often than not imposes many more rote demands on the child, but inherently supposes the child is irretrievably damaged or retarded and hence incapable of learning and interacting in a typically human way). For AJ, it was the first time someone “got” who he was and where he was at; as a result, he became more motivated and confident, and without even knowing it, he worked harder than ever before.

Because Lynette is able to explain her approach so clearly to parents and is so effective at providing feedback and training, is able to successfully transfer her knowledge and experience so that her approach is effective long after she walks out the door. As such I have always fondly and gratefully thought of Lynette as the “gift that keeps on giving”.

This was made even more true when Lynette added neurofeedback to our program because she left me with a tool that helped my son to regulate himself. It also helped me to regulate my emotions. In my experience a calm child is a learning child and a calm mom is a better teacher.

Sigrid Van Bladel, Ph.D.

Lynette Louise has been one of the best resources we have found for our daughter. We have brought Lynette out to our home in Austin, TX twice now and we have been extremely pleased with each home visit. She is a very knowledgeable person regarding the difficulties we have faced and she has given us valuable feedback on a wide range of questions. She is a very kind person as well. We feel like she has respected our decisions and offered her advice in a way to build on the strengths of our own choices. We couldn’t be happier with Lynette’s help.We feel like Lynette brought the Options approach to life when she came out the first time. We had read the books and seen the videos, but she really put it all together for us.

Jill & Andy Liebler

Since embarking on this journey called autism, our meeting Lynette has been one of the best experiences we have had. She brings her compassionate spirit, her personal experiences with autism, and knowledge of both play therapy and neurofeedback with her. All of this culminates in the child not only improving but also having a good time as well. While in my home, Lynette was able to get my mostly nonverbal son to say words he had never said before. Through the use of neurofeedback, he stopped banging his hands and stomping his feet constantly. Her ability to engage and motivate children is phenomenal. Lynette’s spirit of compassion and warmth creates the sense that she is one of the family. By interacting with the entire household, she brings healing to everyone both by doing neurofeedback and giving gentle guidance on incorporating the autistic child into the daily affairs.Working with Lynette has been both an honor and a pleasure. Her loving nature is palpable in her interactions and in the rapport she is able to obtain with your child. What a peaceful, wonderful, and healthy world we would live in if there were just more of Lynette in it!

“Brandessa Shelton (we call her Dessa) is an incredibly loving, warm-hearted and generous person. Sheworked with three of my children for three days four months ago and for five days two months ago. From her work and what she taught me to do my children are blossoming. She has made such a difference in their lives! She has touched the hearts of my children; bringing out their self-confidence and their desire to stand tall. They will do anything for her. Dessa is playful, enthusiastic, and fun to work with. She entered my children’s worlds totally; embracing them with love and acceptance. She played through some of my children’s issues without them even knowing. Her skill, warmth and openheartedness have been an inspiration and an amazing growth experience for us. I can hardly wait for her to return to work with us again.”

Alice Mansfield

Columbia, CA

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:My ten-year-old son was diagnosed with severe autism at age three. Treatment modalities I have chosen for him, as parts of a holistic healing program, included bio-medical treatment, homeopathic medicine, osteopathic treatments, and behavior modification therapies, among others.

Lynette has joined our team as our behavior modification program (son-rise) therapist, in 2005. First she assisted me to build our own playroom program for my son, and she spent hundreds of hours with him over the years, with enthusiasm, and professionalism. Her devotion to my son’s healing and her invaluable life-experience in raising and healing her own children (and other’s) with autism, has been a great contributing factor to my son’s recovery process. In the speech and social area he is not age-level yet, but all other developmental delays had been conquered. With Lynette’s help, and by combining son-rise program with neuro-feedback, he is a highly verbal, funny, creative, artistic, social, athletic big boy.

Lynette’s expertise, professionalism, and devotion to my son we highly appreciate. It is a great news for us learning that she might finally be able to reach a vast number of people through the media, helping, assisting children and families in need.

Dr. Ildiko Cseto Stevens, J.D., Ph.D.

We can only describe Lynette as a master in the field of autism. In our search to help our child, we spent three years getting opinions from some of the top names in the field. We thought we had tried it all and felt very stuck, but that was before Lynette came into the picture.In the 10 months since she has been advising our program, our daughter’s language has tripled and we potty-trained her effortlessly (in fact I would say it was actually fun). We have not even started a full-scale neurofeedback program and are extremely excited to add that momentum to the program — we can’t imagine the possibilities!

Lynette’s success in helping families comes from many sources. Undoubtedly, her most important asset is that she has lived the life herself (many times over) and has had enormous successes with her own autistic children. She is able to give perspective from her own history of trials and errors, not to mention model for us the sheer power of love and optimism. Lynette also has a uniquely non-judgmental attitude and a sincere respect for parents. She taught us how to come up with our own best solutions to any problem — and cheers as we execute them with real excitement (and without all of our old fears). As Lynette has helped us identify our own path, our child’s progress has absolutely soared: initiating play with her brother, answering questions, putting small

sentences together… smiling and laughing on end.

It does not hurt, of course, that Lynette has a brilliant mind. She is extremely quick to grasp the details of any situation and has a wealth of knowledge in so many subjects (e.g.,nutrition, neuroanatomy, family dynamics) which she easily draws upon to guide parents. I will admit I have yet to stump her, though I keep trying!

Our team of volunteers also loves Lynette. They credit her with bringing a new level of clarity and energy to the program. Rarely a day goes by where they don’t express amazement about the progress we are making since Lynette came on board. Just last week, our little girl came home from a walk with a volunteer and I was napping. She opened every door in the house and each time yelled “Mommy” to find me. I can’t tell you what a miracle that is! We can’t thank Lynette enough…


We have a 4yr old autistic daughter, her name is Freyja. We have been running a full-time Son Rise Program from our home for a year. Lynette came to our home and worked with Freyja in the program and with neurofeedback. Our time with Lynette brought many benefits to our family. Our team was able to become more clear as to where Freyja was at and where we need to concentrate our efforts. A lightness of heart followed with these new enlightenments. We are currently using neurofeedback with Freyja at least 2-4 times a week with the Son Rise Program and notice a major difference in the clarity of her speech and a more evenness in temper. I have also received many benefits from neurofeedback. I find I can form thoughts and communicate them more quickly and with more clarity. I have in the past been prone to depression, it has also helped to smooth out the rough edges on my emotional responses.Thanks for your continual support Lynette.



This is my experience with neurofeedback for the last 7 months…I have a wonderful autistic son! He’s 13 years old verbal (but limited in the way he talks and not fluid), he used to need to do lots of stims and to tantrum regularly every day! We’re following the Son-rise program and very happy about it!

Last year a teacher from the Son-rise program proposed us to have a look at the neurofeedback, which we did and called up Lynette Louise who came few months after, end of June 2007 for an outreach. She showed us how it worked on our son and on ourselves! We immediately bought the whole equipment ready to do anything to help our son with his stress and his tantrums.

To tell you the truth I believed in the process but wasn’t sure how much it was going to help my son… A month after the equipment arrived (we live in France…) and we started to try it on my son and on my husband with lots of phone calls to Lynette for feedbacks. It’s not complicated but in the beginning it takes time to get relaxed with the procedure and to get the automatism! Actually it took us a month!!! So we really started to implement the neurofeedback for our son last September 2007… He used to stim a lot during sessions even tantrum sometimes… The first 2-3 months were concentrated on calming my son…but it took time because we had to find (with the help of Lynette of course!) on which spot we could start the work! So first we calmed him, then brightened him and calmed him then calmed again and again with different frequencies… After 3 months he started to calm down, his tantrums were starting to get shorter from 15 minutes to 5 minutes long! Then we tried to help him with his sensory and motor issues. After a couple of months his tantrums were getting even shorter (a minute long or less) with days with No tantrums! Ouf! And we kept on the job twice a week!

Now my son is transformed nothing miraculous really but he’s much more relaxed, nearly no more tantrums (from time to time he still needs for 3 days to do some but they’re maximum 10 seconds long). He didn’t tantrum for the last 2 weeks, he needs to stim much less, sleeps the full nights and he’s much more present!

It’s really worth trying it!!! This is exactly what I was praying for! My son is coping better with the environment, life is less tough for him, he’s really happier and we’re all happier!

Thank you Lynette for your support, your patience, your energy and your love!

We love you!

R.S. from France

This is a testimonial for our friend Lynette.Her stay was amazing, life changing and no threats.

How you see our son is so much more fun,

It is actually his body telling him to bite our thumb.

Instead of a shhh or a smack on the bum,

Explaining and celebrating is how I won.

Since you’ve come along, we separate the two.

And it makes it easier to read the clues.

For years we searched on why and how,

When it took only days for you to calm him down.

Next was his speech and you showed us how.

The power of words is making him think WOW..

We thank-you for making it all make sense,

You really need to know that you are the best.

If you’re thinking about having Lynette for a chat, a stay, for a talk or a show please don’t hesitate this woman really does know. Her honesty and stories is what makes Lynette so unique. She is beautiful and kind, but the best thing of all she will be your friend for life and a friend for all.

Love and Miss you Lynette

Love Kylee, Shannon, Cyshan and SJay xx

My 12 year old son is diagnosed with autism. I have been running son-rise program for 5 years and for last couple of years i found that we were stuck in a cycle. Lynette came to us in November 2013 and since then we started moving forward. Lynette brought to me the missing piece, the next step that we had been waiting. She taught me how i can use a son-rise style and add neurofeedback to move along faster with Saheel.In just 3 months I have seen some big change in Saheel and I can’t wait to see the changes yet to come. He is sleeping so much better, in fact now he sleeps like a rock. All these years of struggling with his irregular sleeping pattern has finally come to an end. Saheel is less frustrated now and his patience level has gone up which means his tantrums have gone way down. He can now follow simpler, one step directions willingly most of the time. My 9 year old daughter is finally able to play with Saheel. After trying for many years to play with her brother, now she is able to enjoy their time together. We all do neurofeedback in my family and are benefiting from it. I sleep throughout the night now. I find myself calm and not so on the urge of wanting to yell all the time.

Thank you so much Lynette for teaching me with love and kindness. I will always be grateful to you for showing me the next step in my journey with Saheel. You gave me HOPE for a better future for Saheel and me.