A New Spin on Autism: Answers!


A New Spin on Autism

“A diagnosis without directions is just a handicap.” In this informative program you’ll find answers AND entertainment. Host Lynette Louise raised her adopted autistic children into healthy adults while supporting them as a performer and writer. Open up your ears and throw your expectations out the window: hear “Stand Up Comedy for Social Skills” and “Sure it’s Got Gluten but it’s also got Motivation!” Your answers are here, each week on A New Spin on Autism: Answers

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Also this exciting show!

The Brain Broad Builds A Brain!



“The Brain Broad finds guests that have been instrumental in developing heretofore unknown or unexpected solutions to either their own brain story or the stories of their patients.  If you are concerned about brain matters this is the place to find answers… Before you buy a prognosis! The Brain Broad and her guest will challenge themselves to “Build A Brain” by pondering a “new” way to approach a disorder. This is a fun way to encourage change within the  stagnant field of medicine because thinking differently from inside the box IS the way out of the box. Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad will be singing about Google and the Google Gods while Google searching definitions and research items during the show in order to keep all listeners in the loop of understanding. Once the interview is complete our Brain Broad has a Building The Brain section within which she explains how she would attempt to help this particular brain problem – using her tools of neurofeedback and play – in a way that augments and clarifies whatever the guests discussed. You will learn, laugh and occasionally cry.”

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