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Welcome to The Brain Broad Blog!

This is where I get to take off the doctor’s coat (it’s not mine–yet), tie it around my waist and share autism tips, surprising brain science, funny personal stories, and painful doctorate program homework complaints… okay, maybe I’ll avoid that last one. Regardless, I hope to offer insights and invite the same while enjoying a cup of coffee with the autism, neuroscience, psychophysiology, parenting, spiritual, thinking, comedic, curious community! If that leaves you out, I’m sorry and suggest you try on one of the many hats. One is bound to fit!


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Growing In And Out Of Autism

Thursday, October, 12, 2017

Originally written for and published on here: Growing In And Out Of Autism   I suppose this article will be seen as inflammatory but I just can’t keep what I am seeing a secret anymore.     To understand what I am about to share first you have to know a little about me.

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Advocates and Activists: Recognize, Become, and Choose Effective Leaders with Lessons from Mental Health Expert, The Brain Broad (Press Release)

Monday, October, 09, 2017

Lynette Louise (“The Brain Broad”) Is Returning To Speak At The Annual Leadership Summit America *Lynette Louise has been working effectively as an advocate (for victims of abuse, homelessness, and disabilities) for over thirty years. Around the world she has helped build passionate teams of educators, taught families necessary skills for raising the bar and

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This Is Your Brain On Hate – Hate Addiction Is Like Cocaine Addiction

Thursday, August, 31, 2017

“This is your brain. This is your brain on hate….” Hate can be hard to understand. Yet, with a little understanding of behavior and the brain, it seems (almost) logical.  It also becomes clear that we can learn how to not choose it. Hate and anger have stronger neuro-chemical hits than the softer emotions. It

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Short Term Memory Loss Client – We Expect Long Term Success

Wednesday, April, 26, 2017

Short term memory loss client update: I have never worked with this issue before so I explained to the client that I was willing to try and help, but could make no guarantees. The man was a psychiatrist before his heart attack four years ago. He was without oxygen for a prolonged period of time

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Simple Solutions For Parents Struggling To Bond With Baby

Monday, April, 24, 2017

Dear parents struggling to bond with baby, Allow me to give you this gift. Let go of whatever you imagined it would be like to bond, you were wrong. A lot of this feeling, this feeling of not being able to bond, is due to reality not matching imagination. Also, you’re tired and hormonal, which

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Family Meetings – Do Them Well

Wednesday, March, 22, 2017

“Family meeting!” was something I could be heard hollering often, calling all eight of my kids to our huge family dinner table. It was always an effective way to get everyone into one room, but over the years  I perfected the art of the family meeting so that it became effective in all the other

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Before You React, Read On

Wednesday, February, 15, 2017

My son likes to pretend he is Retarded! Before you get angry at him, read on: When he was young he was diagnosed as globally retarded with fetal alcohol syndrome and autistic-like mannerisms. Before you get angry at me, read on: I did NOT drink during pregnancy. I adopted him with these diagnoses. Before you

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This Is Your Brain On Leadership

Monday, October, 17, 2016

Invitation: Learn and network with influential Leaders at the Albany Leadership Summit:  Purchase your copy of The Seven Senses of Leadership: Neuroscience teaches us to become better Leaders, get more done and increase our influence.  Use the latest research in the field of brain science to make the right choices, accelerate your productivity-

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About Balance

Monday, September, 19, 2016

There are a lot of tips for staying emotionally balanced and I would love to offer them to you! However, sometimes by giving a lot of tips I run the risk of having the most needed information glossed over by my overwhelmed reader. So instead I will share what I see as the most un-thought

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Something Important To Share

Monday, May, 02, 2016

It is not easier here and school is not the path to success! I was speaking with my mother on the phone. When I told her (for the gazillionth time) that all but one of my four adopted, multiply handicapped, autistic sons had jobs and were independent (she doesn’t know this because she never visits

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