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Advocates and Activists: Recognize, Become, and Choose Effective Leaders with Lessons from Mental Health Expert, The Brain Broad (Press Release)

Lynette Louise (“The Brain Broad”) Is Returning To Speak At The Annual Leadership Summit America

*Lynette Louise has been working effectively as an advocate (for victims of abuse, homelessness, and disabilities) for over thirty years. Around the world she has helped build passionate teams of educators, taught families necessary skills for raising the bar and growing more successful, and even opened up her own home as a place of Leadership, love, and learning. Anyone interested in building an influential team that gives power to their activism or advocacy will want to learn with Lynette!*

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Back by popular demand, renowned international brain change expert Lynette Louise (“The Brain Broad”) will be speaking at the Annual Leadership Summit America – Albany, November 2-3rd 2017 at the DESMOND Hotel and Conference Center. On an impressive roster with fellow Leadership Influencers – Jeff Hoffman, Sharon Burstein, Forbes Riley, Frank Shankwitz, and Marilyn Suey – The Brain Broad will be showing attendees how to harness their Leadership Senses in pursuit of better Leaders and Leadership Skills.

The Seven Leadership Sensibilities (as described in the book The Seven Senses Of Leadership: The Brain Broad’s Guide to Leadership Sensibilities by Lynette Louise) are Seeing, Hearing, Tasting, Smelling, Feeling, Balancing, and Leading. Lynette is skilled at teaching the science of the senses with passion and easily remembered metaphors, and then taking us several steps further into creating, enhancing, and building our own skills with this new surprisingly fascinating knowledge.

Neuro-diversity, disability, and mental health advocates will particularly appreciate Lynette’s inclusive presentation! As an international expert and hands-on clinician, The Brain Broad gives neuro-diversity, behavior, ability, and more an important role. Also, Lynette is hosting a no-cost gathering for folks interested in learning more about Leadership and Neuro-Diversity, or brain health and disability, on the Friday at the finish of the summit.

A Tiny Taste Of What Lynette Teaches:

1) SEEING leads to believing and believing leads to seeing: they work together and build upon each other. It is the act of believing (or expecting) that causes your brain to choose what bits and pieces, out of the landscape of possibilities in front of you, that you will perSEEv .

2) People choose their leaders out of fear and love. The SMELL OF SUCCESS in a leader can be thrown out there like a chemical pheromone; a pheromone of love or a pheromone of hate. Lynette shows you how to control your pheromone production through intention, helping you produce the ODOR OF ADORE. You must have the ODOR OF ADORE – not just to get adoration, but to give it. It’s a mutual feedback loop of chemical reception.

3) LEADERS choose strength and set their followers free. In fact, they insist upon it. Leaders Lead and then let go in order to grow. They are always on the move. And every time they step forward, they leave an empty space behind in their wake that somebody else must step into and fill.

BRAIN BROAD TIP: “A Natural Leader naturally knows how to build herself using the world around her and the raw material of her personage. A Learned Leader learns to do the same. In the end, you can’t tell one from the other. So learn. Learn how to Lead and how to not be misLed .”

This is only a small sample of the many fascinating and effective Leadership Sensibilities Lynette Louise will help attendees understand and employ at November’s Annual Leadership Summit America – Albany. And Lynette is merely one of the speakers that will be sharing valuable knowledge!

BONUS: Lynette will host a special no-cost gathering for Q&A on the brain after the summit has ended on Friday. Simply email her with your name and intention to attend. (Scroll down for contact info.)

Whether learning to lead is your motivation, or choosing better leaders – or both! – be sure to attend this powerful event.

Lynette Louise is available for interviews.

*Lynette Louise began her career in Leadership at the age of seven when she gave a sermon at her local church about the dangers of prejudice. Sadly, after her passionate sermon, prejudice still existed. So, armed with vision and overflowing with ideas, Lynette spent a lifetime studying human behavior with the specific purpose of becoming an ethical influential Leader. Now she works tirelessly to share that lifetime of learning with others through storytelling. Films, books, performances, articles, and events large and small have been honored by the spirit of that seven-year-old who continues to change the world.*

Register or learn more about the Annual Leadership Summit America – Albany here: http://www.sharonburstein.com/leadership-summit/

Purchase The Seven Senses of Leadership: The Brain Broad’s Guide to Leadership Sensibilities here: http://www.lynettelouise.com/book/
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