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Be Inspired & Leave Your Judgments at “The Door” – Always Listen To Your Children

Always listen to your children, even if they have a diagnosis, or rather, especially if they have a diagnosis.


A boy I work with was having a problem with tantrums. He wanted to stop yelling and hitting but couldn’t quite manage it. He told his mom he needed a “Tar-tis.” He begged her to have it built according to his specifications. Unlike most moms I know, she listened to his unusual request and rather than explaining that she couldn’t do it she figured out that she could. Then she did.

Once it was built whenever he felt a tantrum coming he would go inside and “time travel” to just before the feeling of anger began. He would exit the Tardis happy again. The Tardis worked!

For a while.

And then the anger began again.

He said that he realized something important. He said that since he was supposed to be a grownup he needed a door into the new adult world. He again begged his mom. She again listened and off we went to the hardware store.

This young man is multiply diagnosed with autism and Tourette’s. (He is also finally tic free but that is another story.) This young man takes no prescribed drugs though he ingests many supplements. This young man knows himself well. He uses the power of belief and imagination to manage his symptoms and heal.

He is brilliant and should be trusted. He is blessed with a mother who does just that. She is an inspirational woman dedicated to health and happiness. She honors his instincts and so he does too.

They have many more stories and problem-solving contraptions. This is just one quick snapshot into a beautiful story about a mother and a son I admire.