Welcome to my Brainy Lady blog! This is where I get to take off the doctor’s coat (it's not mine--yet), tie it around my waist and share autism tips, surprising brain science, funny personal stories and painful doctorate program homework complaints… okay, maybe I'll avoid that last one. Regardless, I hope to offer insights and invite the same while enjoying a cup of coffee with the autism, neuroscience, psycophysiology, parenting, spiritual, thinking, comedic, curious community! If that leaves you out, I'm sorry and suggest you try on one of the many hats. One is bound to fit!

This Is Your Brain On Leadership

Invitation: Learn and network with influential Leaders at the Albany Leadership Summit: http://www.sharonburstein.com/leadership-summit/  Purchase your copy of The Seven Senses of Leadership: http://www.lynettelouise.com/book/

Neuroscience teaches us to become better Leaders, get more done and increase our influence.  Use the latest research in the field of brain science to make the right choices, accelerate your productivity- and theirs. A must read for any manager, team leader or executive with staff.

Valuable insights gleaned from the stories of global Leaders throughout history are the backdrop of my latest book, The Seven Senses of Leadership: The Brain Broad’s Guide to Leadership Sensibilities. I bust Leadership myths and uncover The Seven Senses of Leadership, with stories, brain science and fun facts.

I admit that I was surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response to my book. Not because I didn’t know it was a good book (after all, I wrote it because I knew it needed to be written) but because I’m not exactly the most passionate “marketer” of my creations.  I work, I write, I film, I create; I post, I share, I tell, and then I let go.

So when the book was a quick success, I was surprised. I realized that the information was needed and desired, maybe more than I’d originally known. And because I am The Brain Broad, I know well that some people get their information best with other forms of media. Books are great! But some people prefer — even need — video and/or audio.

So, I reached out to several of my Leader friends. Again, I was surprised with the overwhelmingly positive response! Everyone who was available agreed to be part of my FREE Virtual Leadership Summit: Seeking The Path.

I asked 39 diverse and successful Leaders the same three success and Leadership questions, and they all answered in their own unique ways. Certain aspects of Leadership reveal themselves to be consistent in every answer – although always expressed in different ways. I love this!

The open and thoughtful nature in which these Leaders share with us, even telling stories exclusively to our audience, fills me with a gratitude I can barely express. Although I will continue to do so anyway.

Starting by inviting you to join us. When people share their knowledge it’s a gift. I hope you’ll unwrap it with me.

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