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Short Term Memory Loss Client – We Expect Long Term Success

Short term memory loss client update:

I have never worked with this issue before so I explained to the client that I was willing to try and help, but could make no guarantees.

The man was a psychiatrist before his heart attack four years ago. He was without oxygen for a prolonged period of time and in a coma for many days.

When he woke he had many issues, the most troubling of which (for his wife) was short term memory loss. For the past four years he had not stored memories and indeed could not recall (no matter how many times they told him) that he had had a heart attack.

I did a four-hour assessment, treatment visit to determine if I could use neurofeedback to improve his function. I introduced myself every minute or so because his retention was stuck at thirty seconds.

I saw several improvements in how his damaged body was working and agreed to take him on as a client, reminding everyone that I wasn’t sure we could impact the memory loss but that we could at least improve attention, stress, and the Parkinsonisms in his movement.

One week later, his brain and body had retained some of the beneficial changes so I felt excited. After the first session of thirty minutes he could remember my name for five minutes. Four hours later, without prompting, he could tell us about his heart attack, his lack of blood flow to the brain, he called me by my name (Lynette) and when asked what people also call me he would laugh and say ‘Brain Broad!’

At the end of this month (April 2017) I stop taking new clients because my commitment to a family spans a decade and I just turned sixty. I cannot think of a better case to close the books on. Feeling blessed.

*NOTE: There are still a few days left to reach out to me if you’d like to be a new client. With your permission, I’ll even post about your successes. Either way I wish you blessings on your journey and have created, and will continue to create, product filled with many means for helping you along the way… even if we never meet..
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