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Invitation to Read my Book Excerpt for RAINN

Being an international mental health expert, for me, often includes speaking for and teaching men and women who have been abused sexually. Because abuse strongly influences the brain (psychologically and physiologically) it’s a natural part of my job.

And because I myself was abused, it is a part I’m passionate and candid about. Also, I’m extremely knowledgeable and able to help in ways that people who haven’t been down in the trenches, fighting and figuring stuff out, are unable.

It’s been painful and scary; and I insist on making my struggles and hard work worth it. So, I offer the gift of knowing what to do to you.

As a speaker for RAINN (Rape Abuse Incest National Network) I’ve been invited to write a piece for their compilation book of letters from survivors of sexual abuse. I invite you– as friends of my Brainy Lady Blog– to read and share my excerpt widely.

Follow this link to read:

Dear Auntie Carol — Book Excerpt for RAINN

Thank-you, friends.

~Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad